6 Reasons Why Software Won’t Recover Your Data!

6 Reasons Why Software Won’t Recover Your Data!

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While many people rely on consumer data recovery software to recover information trapped on a damaged or compromised computer or device, that is often not enough to get the data back. Backing up your information means not having to worry about the hard drive crashing. But in such cases, you still want the computer or device to work again.

At Data Recovery 47 Chicago, we have the knowledge, expertise, and tools necessary to retrieve the trapped information with a 98% success rate. What follows are the six times you will not be able to rely on your consumer software to retrieve trapped data.

Flaws in Firmware or Manufacturing

This is a defect present in the computer or device right from the start. This means that you should notice issues in the first few months, such as the disk not being recognized or failure to boot properly. In most cases, the warranty the covers your computer will take care of such issues. However, your data may still be lost regardless.

Mechanical Failure

Any device made with moving parts is bound to fail at some point. A system crash usually results from a part failing or breaking. You may notice early signs, such as a black screen after it tries to boot, files that you can no longer access, or the system itself simply freezing up. The fix is generally straightforward as the broken part needs to be replaced. But the information may still be difficult to retrieve.


One of the most common causes of hard disk failure is heat building up inside the computer and than you will need to use data recovery to get your data back. A malfunctioning fan or clogged vents are often the cause. Because the damage of overheating is physical, this renders consumer data recovery software as being useless. Clean the vents and check for any heat buildup before any permanent damage is done.

Power Surges

All it takes is one unexpected power surge to cause startup failures, the system to not recognize the disk or damage to the hard drive itself. Power surge protection is recommended, but that may not be enough to prevent it from occurring. If you suspect that a power surge is causing the failures, then take your computer into the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Chicago.

Corrupted Files

A computer virus, shutting down the PC the wrong way, or even running programs too close together may cause the files to become corrupted. This results in a shutdown of your computer that may make the hard drive inaccessible to standard software recovery systems. Adding a battery backup may help prevent an improper shutdown along with proper security protection to avoid data recovery.

Human Errors

All it takes is one mistake to cause damage to your computer. This usually occurs when bad modifications are made to the system registry settings, an error in the setup, or not installing the OS in the correct manner. One error of that nature may result in a catastrophic failure which renders most consumer software systems unusable in getting the information back.

You can trust the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Chicago to identify the cause and use the right methods to get your information back thanks to our 98% success rate.

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