Computer Forensic Specialists

Computer Forensic Specialists

Computer Forensics

While in most cases, data loss is caused by device malfunction or human error, it some cases, it is more insidious than that. Data theft is a dangerous and increasingly common problem that affects more Americans every year. When data loss occurs because it was accessed by someone without permission, it becomes a much bigger issue than a simple device malfunction.

Data storage has two components to it to ensure safe information: the first is that you have a secondary storage location for your data, ensuring that it does not get permanently lost, and the second is that no one else can access your stored data. Both personal and confidential information should not be accessible to anyone without permission.

When you have taken the safety measures of backing up your data or you have simply used your device in the way it was intended to be used, and you find that your information has been accessed by an outside source, you are in need of a computer forensic specialist. These experts can determine how your data was accessed by someone else, where the break-in occurred and how you can protect yourself going forward.

Understanding Computer Forensic

To begin the forensic process, a specialist will conduct a thorough investigation of the past activity on the hacked device. They will analyze the actions taken prior to and during the break-in, so that they understand where the entry occurred and how. They will also search for other holes in the system that may allow an expert hacker to enter and access confidential data. This data can be useful not only for future security purposes, as well as data restoration, but also as evidence for a court of law, in necessary cases.

After the process has been determined, the experts will be able to advise you as to how to go forward to protect yourself fully against hackers.

If you are experiencing data loss with regard to stolen information or data accessed without permission, contact a DR 47 representative today to discuss computer forensic possibilities for you.