Data Recovery Could Be Even More Difficult Because of Encryptions…Heres Why!

Data Recovery Could Be Even More Difficult Because of Encryptions…Heres Why!

Data Recovery Could Be Even More Difficult Because of Encryptions…Heres Why!

Issues concerning safety in the virtual space have caused users to have so much concern about keeping their information protected so that third parties do not have access to it. Of course, being able to have total control over who you share with and what you share is very important. It is this very reason that has necessitated the rise in how popular encryption software has become in the 21st century. However, would it surprise you to hear that there is really no need to secure every single file of yours?

In fact, encryption has the way of making it even more difficult when it comes to data recovery for files that you may have lost in the event that you experience a hard drive crash or probably something bad happens to you such as losing your device or laptop.

How Exactly Does File Encryption Work?

At this point, it is important to understand how the file encryption process works. When you carry out file encryption, your data is transformed and disguised in a way that makes it impossible to read by just anyone. Only users that you share them with and grant access to those files by giving them the code or passkey can have access to those files. When you really think about it, file encryption can sound really exciting.

Well, one thing you must know is that file encryption how the way of altering the data, so, it doesn’t only hide it. So, if you wish to carry out data recovery from any device such as your hard drive or any other device that is encrypted, video successfully be able to recover the data. The downside, however, is that reading the data that you have recovered will be impossible except you have the key file which the encryption software generated.

Self-Encrypting Devices (SEDs)

Self-encrypting devices comprise of a wide range of hard drives, as well as, solid-state drives. What this implies is that these devices come with controller chips which have the ability to carry out encryption and decryption of every data that is contained in the device in an automated manner. When it comes to SEDs, they have one downside which is the absence of any method of decryption. Therefore, in the event that physical damage occurs to the drive, every data contained in it is lost.

When Should You Encrypt Files?

There are times when encryption is a necessity. This usually applies in industries where sensitive financial data are being handled, as well as, vital information which must be kept under strict protection. To ensure that encryption is done correctly, these steps below are important –

Ensure that you carry out data backup frequently.

A key file should be created and stored in a location that is secured.

The same should be done for user names and passwords. They should all be recorded and stored in a location that is secured.

Instead of making use of self-encryption devices, get an encryption software.

By applying the steps which have been stated above, you can rest assured that you will have total control over your data and data recovery will be easier. No matter the kind of encrypted data that you work with, data recovery is very possible even if you get to lose your data. We are experts in recovering encrypted data, and we can help you too. Reach out to us today, and we will provide you with the best data recovery solutions for your encrypted data.

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