Email Data Recovery

Email Data Recovery

Email Data Recovery

In the past number of years, email has rapidly replaced “snail mail” as the go-to method of choice for communicating messages quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Email has many advantages, such as the ability to travel cross-continents and broach time zones, as well as its unlimited nature and ease of use.

One of the major advantages of email is also the fact that it leaves a reliable and easily traceable “paper trail” behind. For professional and even personal use, this fact is an added boon that helps retrace steps and prove facts. Should email be lost or missing, it can be devastating for many of these reasons.

When it comes to email loss and recovery, we service customers with regard to both personal and professional use.

Preventing Email Loss

Before you experience any email loss, it’s important to know how you can prevent a crisis situation from occurring in the first place. One of the most effective and simple steps that you can take is to reduce the size of your archive inbox to a minimum amount of crucial emails. The smaller the inbox, the easier it is to back up and the more reliably it will be secured. Once you cross the 50GB threshold, you are entering the next level of capability for storage.

Periodically, review your emails to see if any have slipped into your archive folder that are no longer necessary. The smaller you can keep it, the better off your important emails will be.

Have you experienced email data loss? Contact a Data Recovery 47 representative to find out how you can regain access to your emails today.