Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

The hard drive is one of the hardest working pieces of the computer, which you’ll use every time you use your computer, but won’t ever see. Deep inside the computer’s walls, the hard drive is an independently-functioning unit that saves data and acts separately from the ebbs and flows of computer action.

One of the standout features of a hard drive is its read-write mechanism, which allows it to process data quickly and seamlessly, allowing normal computer activity to continue as it backs up the data while it comes in. Hard drives are also typically able to store a large amount of data and have a low failure rate.

Because the hard drive is its own unique piece, data loss on a hard drive is often not related to the computer itself. The computer may remain functional when the hard drive fails, and vice versa. Each of the components of the hard drive must be examined individually to determine where the source of the problem is: in the actuator, the read/write head, the platter, the chassis or the spindle – or none of the above.

When experiencing hard drive data loss, a qualified professional can be consulted to determine which of these parts is malfunctioning. A replacement hard drive in the interim may even make computer activity possible while the repair is being performed.

At Data Recovery 47, we service hard drive data loss stemming from:

-Power surge

-Spindle malfunction

-Clogged filter

-Motor failure


-Water damage

-Read/write mechanism error

-Drops or impact damage

-And more