Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

One of the most well-known features about MAC computers is that they don’t suffer from viruses and malware the way that PCs do. While this may be true, it is possible for a MAC to experience data loss or other internal problems of its own. While rare, it can happen and when it does, it’s important to bring your MAC in to an experienced technician who is familiar with these specific types of machines.

Because MACs function so differently than a PC, they must be treated by someone who is trained in their particular qualities.

The hard drive is almost always the source of the problem when it comes to MAC data loss, and it will be malfunctioning due to one of four reasons: physical issues, electronic issues, logical issues or human error.

Physical issues: impact damage, being dropped, overheating, liquid damage and other environment or mistreatment concerns. This can displace pieces of the hard drive and malform them, preventing the computer from working properly.

Electronic issues: power surges, electrical outlet failures. This can act to erase data from the hard drive.

Logical issues: file corruption. This can happen due to a number of factors and can often be reversed.

Human error: accidental deletion, mistakenly inaccessible files. Human error is one of the leading causes of data loss, but the problem can often be easily treated.

Are you having a problem with data loss on your MAC? At DR 47, our specialists are trained in the specific workings of MAC computers. Call us today to see how we can recover lost data for you.