Recover Deleted Files

Recover Deleted Files

Recover Deleted Files

The delete button was pressed, and it seems it’s gone with finality – but rest assured, your data is still accessible in many cases, especially with the help of an experienced professional. In fact, restoring deleted files is one of the most common cases that data recovery specialists treat.

When it comes to figuring out how to restore the files, a recovery specialist will look at a number of contributing factors: what kind of device you are experiencing the problem on, when the deletion occurred and what was the size of the deletion. Other factors can include whether or not the device is currently in good working condition and where on the device the data was stored.

The recovery process for devices in good condition with recent data loss is extremely straightforward and relatively simple, so if you fit the bill for these two conditions, breathe a sigh of relief that you can expect your data back shortly. However, even in cases where these two conditions are not true, a trained specialist can often restore your data regardless.

Prepare for Deletion with Wise Prevention

When it comes to any device, a wise user will have all data backed up in a separate location as a “just in case” protection. This will, of course, remove the emergency factor from data loss, but the original device will still require the use of a professional to diagnose the problem so that it doesn’t happen again.

You can choose to back up your data on any number of sources: an external hard drive, a RAID data storage system or a simple memory stick can all serve as good sources of data storage and prevent crises, as well as permanent data loss.

It doesn’t always have to take extra time. There are many data storage solutions, such as cloud-based services, which will automatically back up all data without any extra effort on your part. By taking the time to install these services once on your device, you will protect any data you enter in the future. After the one-time installation, take the time to check on your cloud service every so often to ensure that it is working like you intended it to.

You can also do your part to prevent data loss crises and occurrences by taking proper care of all of your devices and machinery. Treat your device as is directed in the manual and take it for regular servicing, as applicable. Of course, keep any electronic devices away from food or liquids and protect them from overheating or other damaging issues.

A device that is properly cared for is much less likely to experience issues and data loss than one that is not.

Whether you took all of the necessary precautions or not, you may find yourself on the receiving end of an unpleasant data loss situation. Had an accidental deletion? Call us today at Data Recovery 47 to see how we can restore your data – and order to your life.