What Happens If You Drop A Hard Drive?

What Happens If You Drop A Hard Drive?

What Happens If You Drop A Hard Drive?

Only negative results arise when you drop not just your external hard drive but virtually every electronic gadgets that you can think of. The focus here, however, is on external hard drives. This device is also called a portable hard drive. When you drop an external hard drive, it can cause it to fail, and the only remedy will be data recovery in order to get back every file that was stored.

Detecting the issue

The external hard drives that we have today seem to be stronger and can withstand being dropped and knocked in contrast with the portable hard drives of the old days. But this does not in any way imply that your portable hard drive will suffer no damage regardless of how often you drop it. Drops and knocks could be the trigger for an external hard drive head crash. Other factors that could cause your external hard drive to fail include reformatting, electrical surges, damage from coming in contact with water, and depreciation. Detecting the issue appropriately and finding out its root cause is the first step determining the next line of action necessary for data recovery on any external hard drive.

Avoid software

Software that is designed for data recovery only has the ability to fix issues which have a connection with logical failures. This means that external hard drives that have physical issues will be impossible to recover with the use of software. Software will be ineffective for a hard drive which was knocked or dropped. Portable hard drives that got damaged due to water contact or electrical surges will not be recoverable with software. The only chance that you have with software is for issues that have to do with reformatting, but this may only worsen the situation.

DIY techniques should be avoided

You might have the urge to try out certain old school strategies such as trying to open the case by yourself to detect what the issue is. Some persons drop their portable hard drive deliberately with the claim that it works sometimes. Trying out DIY techniques to recover your external hard drive once you have dropped, it will only create more challenges for data recovery professionals to get your data back. Do not apply methods which include circuit board swaps, hard drive freezing, etc. on your hard drive. This will only reduce your chances of recovering the data.

Professionals know the best way to get your hard drive open. Doing it the wrong way can get the platters damaged as well as hard drive components.The drive should only be opening in a clean room.

Here’s what you should do

No matter how hard your hard drive was dropped, never make the mistake of speculating and assuming that data recovery is impossible. It is advisable to explore every possible source available to find backup copies for every file that was saved on the drive. Access all types of media that you own as well as cloud services. You could get the source files or file copies that can help to recover your data.

Your best move to recovering your stored files as soon as you drop your external hard drive is to contact an expert who knows how best to get the job done. This is where data Recovery 47 comes in. Data Recovery 47 has the right training to recover any faulty external hard drive that was dropped and can provide solutions to a wide range of hard drive issues. All you have to do is call or send an email, and we will discuss all your data recovery options.

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