When Hard Drive Recovery is Needed

When Hard Drive Recovery is Needed

When Hard Drive Recovery is Needed

As with any mechanical device, your hard drive may become damaged or fail on its own. While most computer components can only be damaged by electronic means, a hard disk is also subject to the stresses caused by moving parts. Understanding when a hard drive recovery is needed starts with the reasons why hard disks can fail.

Why a Hard Disk will Fail?

The reasons why can be broken down into two sections, logical and physical. Logical failures usually come from corruption in the file system. For example, a virus, accidentally deleting a registry entry, or not formatting the drive properly will cause issues with your hard drive. This means that the BIOS will recognize the drive but will not boot.

The most common reason why they fail is physical in nature. This is because the disk is moving when recording or playing back information. Here are some reasons why it can fail mechanically;

The computer is bumped, jostled, or impacted when running

Power failure when disk is writing data

Bad bearings or worn components on the electric motor fail during operation

Overheating which causes failure in the electronic circuit board

Air intake is clogged, or the filter fails

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

The signs that your hard drive may be failing will vary depending on the cause. In many cases, the signs that something is amiss will take one or more of the following forms;

Computer is unusually hot

Files disappearing

Grinding or clicking noises when running

Locking up during the booting process, this is arguably the most common symptom

Freezing computer requiring a hard reset

Slowing down of file processing, optimizing for speed has no effect

Greater number of bad sectors are noted during the check-disk or chkdsk phase

You can also predict failure if your computer is armed with Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). The program has log files that can be checked for the probability of failure. The technology of the SMART program will record all unusual occurrences and based on the information provide a forecast for hard drive failure.

Of course, there are circumstances when the hard drive will fail quickly with few, if any symptoms. This means that without backup, you will be without the data on your drive until it is recovered.

Can Hard Drive Recovery Occur?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Although each hard drive crash or issue is unique, the hard drive can be recovered if the disk and components are intact. It is recommended that you seek professional hard drive recovery services, especially if you have sensitive information on the drive that needs to be recovered.

Plus, you should always back up your important information using a backup system at least once a week, if not daily depending on your needs. Having the information at the ready in case the hard drive fails means a minimal disruption to your work. During that time, you can have a professional hard drive recovery team working to restore the drive itself.

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