Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Chicago?

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Chicago?

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Chicago?

The best professional data recovery Chicago services will have a certified clean room on their premises. A clean room or area is a place that is mostly free of small air particles which may damage exposed hard drive systems. A clean room or workbench provides a safe environment to work on hard drive systems that have been damaged or compromised without causing further issues due to air particles.

The reason why clean rooms exist is that if a hard drive needs to be opened, the exposed platters inside are vulnerable to collecting dust from the air. The more dust and air particles that stick to the platters, the more likely the hard drive will be further damaged. This makes repairs and data recovery Chicago more difficult as a result.

Certified Clean Room

A certified clean room is one that has been verified to be mostly free of airborne particles. This means that the room or area has met certain standards of having clean air, so that hard drive systems can be worked on without further damage. A typical certified clean room will have special air filters on ventilation systems. Plus, the temperature and humidity levels are kept within certain parameters. To obtain certification, a clean room must meet the following standards;

Less than 100 particles of 0.5 microns or larger in size per cubic foot of air space

50% Humidity Levels

70 degrees F Temperature

Clean rooms that meet such qualifications will earn a Class 100 or ISO Class 5 certification depending on the governing body. For those who are seeking out professional data recovery Chicago services, such businesses will usually display their certifications on their website or advertising.

Can You Create a Clean Room?

While it is possible, creating a clean room that meets the standards set by certification authorities can be quite expensive. Despite the many articles on the internet which proclaim that creating such rooms are easy, the truth is that most residences and businesses lack the proper equipment and guidelines to create such rooms.

While setting the temperature is easy enough, getting the humidity levels right takes more work. One typical DIY idea is to run the shower for twenty minutes and then use the bathroom as your clean room. The problem with that is the humidity levels in bathrooms are often much harder to set. And running the shower only makes it worse.

Plus, you will need special air filters, gowns, and show coverings along with the proper procedures to limit the potential of dust contamination. The result is that you will probably spend far more in creating a clean room than it takes to bring your damaged computer to a professional data recovery service.

The best data recovery Chicago services that works with residents and businesses will have certified clean rooms. When you start your search for the right data recovery company, be sure that they carry an ISO Class 5 or Class 100 certification for a clean room.

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